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Evil Dinah

How RMWC are you survey

How R-MWC are you?
Odds & Evens
Are you an Odd or an Even? Even!! 2010!
Did you ever deface the post/the tree? I sure have. Although, not until I was almost a junior
Did you ever go up or down the wrong set of stairs? (Odd & Even ones) I stepped on the odd stairs because I was dumb and I forgot which was which. As a junior...
Favourite Odd/Even song: Hm... Toughie... I feel like Thriller.  Although, I wish someone would really do 7 things I hate about Odds

Did you participate in Ring Week as a first year? yes I did
Ring week as a junior? totes def
Did you get a ring or necklace? ring.  the necklace is weird to me...
What does your ring/necklace look like? traditional.  silver elite I think...
Did you participate in Pumpkin Parade as a sophomore? yessirree
Pumpkin Parade as a senior? Yes!
Your fondest tradition memory?  being stupidly intelligent together

How many Tacky Parties did you go to?  1... that I planned.  I never made it over first year and sophomore year
How many Webb Parties?  how many?? seriously?
Did you go to Fall formal? 1... again
How many trips to Hamden Sydeny? Still none.  I feel like a fraud
Did you go to SDD & Casino Night?  I have gone, and I will go again!
Who was your date? We'll see.
Chosen poison of your RMWC years? hm... i still have found memories of Mallo's Pineapple Coconut Rum Jello Shots

Did you participate in founder's day? I have.  I think almost every year
Do you know what orange blossoms are?  omfgyes!
Did you ever smell the wysteria?  And helped annie steal some
Ever avoided walking in front of General Jones?  I have.  But once my friend just started going, and I was like wtf are you doing. and she was a jerk to me... so I did it.  but I'm a virgin, so I guess it's alright...
Ever been in the Engagement Tower?  nope
Ever trampled in Mary.. uh, no...
Ever been to the botanical gardens? yes. It's really nice there
Ever done a Dell run? Not yet!
Ever went to a Pan World Coffeehouse? Participated?  Been, never participated
How many convocations and commencements did you attend? all convocations, but I still haven't made it to a commencement
Attended the athletic events on campus?  a few, not many.
What.. volleyball, basketball
Name one rugby team member  Erica Nye hahahaha
Ever had a WWRM show? nope.  I wish.

Res Life
How many runs to buy fresh underwear? none.  I have a lot of underwear
How many Papa Johns? maybe twice or thrice
Favourite roommate memory?  IMing over Eric's sleeping body to get him out ASAP
Worst roommate memory?  When my roommate left all her shit in the room after withdrawing..
Favourite RA/RD/HR  RA--Gillian RD--Beth Hall  HR--Kia
Worst RA/RD/HR  Christina Scheele.  Stop talking to me!!!
Ever participated in putting together a man/woman wall? yes, I have.  A primarily woman, but gender neutral, wall.
Favourite hall and why?  Main 4th.  It was just good.
Favourite RMWC ghost story?  Clog Girl of course
Were you in a secret society?  I haven't graduated for enough years for me not to care enough

Ever go to Reading? nope.
Ever did a study abroad semester or year?  a summer in china!
How many majors? How many minors? What were they?  Communication Studies, History minor
Your favourite professor and why..  Prof. Hostetter for being so genuinely adorable and great.
Worst professor and why... Battacharya.  That bitch
Best class ever @ RMWC  My first Comm class with Heath.  Changed my life.
Worst class ever @ RMWC  Greek.  Greeeeeek
How many Red Bulls/Caffeine Pills? none.  I just stay up
How many all nighters?  maybe 2 a year tops.
Who do you owe your scholarship to?  Theodore Jack?  I dunno...  Someone very nice I'm sure.
Ever go to a guest speaker event? I think so.  I missed Dawkins though

How many Honor violations? (be honest!) none.
Ever volunteered with the exams? every semester except first year
Were you in an honor society? No.  I got invited, but I couldn't afford to be inducted

Favourite Dining Hall dish ... Stir Fry station.  Hands Down.  and Chicken tenders
Worst Dining Hall dish?  their bad rice.  and the weird blueberry pie
Ever went to the post-exam pig-out in Cheatham?  uh, YA.  Although boys take everything.

Favourite B&G person  I wish I knew names... but i told him my name once and he knows it.
Favourite Dining Hall person  I miss Darren the stirfry man
Favourite Admissions person  I never did too much with them
Favourite DOS/DOC person  Amanda Denny!!!

Been to a RMWC reunion? nope
Participate at all in the alumnae network? How?  Before I came here, they contacted me.
Contribute to the school?  Yeah.  For work.  Once.

Think we..
Would you send your daughter here?  Never.  But I'd encourage her to seek a similar experience.
Any other RMWC memories?  The decorated general. 
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Did you ever go up or down the wrong set of stairs? (Odd & Even ones) I stepped on the odd stairs because I was dumb and I forgot which was which. As a junior...

Really? Really.