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Evil Dinah

I really worry about Kanye when he doesn't post on his blog.
This end of the semester is so much easier than any other I recall, that I kind of feel like it's all wrong. I'm starting to slack off because I can, and it's probably not for the best.
Having friends who don't drink until their 21 is problematic. For realz.
I think I gained like 3 pounds from eating at the Virginia Diner alone on Sunday. That one meal done me in.
This Saturday is the surprise MAC trip, and I'm so effin' pumped. More than I should be. Also, I'm just ready to have time apart. I love my friends, but I'm not a one friend kinda lady. I gotta play the field, and some girls are just so damn clingy...


I love you and miss you. We are seriously due for another chat session. I'm hoping to come for a visit in the spring. The fall was just too crazy for me with work, the money sitch and all the happy horse shit.

In conclusion. I love you.